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We build your website, and you concentrate on your business! We develop from Blogs, Personal, Corporate websites to Online stores and adapted to your needs Web software.

No need to understand design or programming, leave it in the hands of our experienced and highly skilled programmers! 

// Testimonials

What our clients say

Професионализъм и коректност – чудесни дизайни и безупречна работа! Силно препоръчвам!
Valentina Boyanova
Valentina Boyanova
Страхотно отношение и професионализъм, работа на високо ниво. Препоръчвам!
Деница Радкова
Деница Радкова
I am extremely satisfied with the final result, speed and quality! I recommend!!!
Liliana Danielova
Liliana Danielova
Good attitude and professionalism!
Simeon Simeonov
Simeon Simeonov
Professional and beautiful designs. Easy and fast communication and correct attitude. I highly recommend and will certainly use their services again.
Петър Добрев
Peter Dobrev
Extremely organized, correct and professional work. I highly recommend! 👍
Симеон Петков
Simeon Petkov
Extremely correct and accurate!
Теодор Пенчев
Teodor Penchev
Professional approach and correct attitude. I highly recommend!
Pavel Josifov
Pavel Josifov
I have wonderful impressions of your work and the correct fulfillment of your commitments!
Здравко Дечев
Zdravko Dechev

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    What do I get when I buy the service?

    Website Development by T&B Technology

    When requesting a website or e-shop, you also receive:

    Hosting and domain choice

    We will assist you in choosing a suitable hosting plan and domain using our customer discount.

    SEO Optimization

    Each of our clients receives free initial SEO optimization to be visible and easily found on the Internet.

    Website Monitoring

    We will make sure that your website is always flawless and works properly for your customers

    Website Acceleration

    Most visitors of your website would not use it again if it is not fast enough and slows down the loading of pages. We will take care of this and turn visitors into potential customers.

    Daily backup

    You can rest assured that every day we make an automatic backup of all information in your website / e-shop and in case of any problem we can restore the information of the previous day at any time.

    Monthly report

    At the end of each month we will send you a detailed report by e-mail about your online presence such as: Google impressions, Google clicks, keywords by which your business is found on Google, number of site visits, most visited pages, most visited / ordered products (if it's an e-shop), traffic flows, city visitors, and more. 

    Security+ package

    Security is one of the most important things for us so through the integrated virtual shield we protect your website and the information on it from the most common types of attacks such as DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) Attack, SQL Injection, XSS and others.


    We are always available to assist you with a problem or question about your website.

    Upgrade possibility

    The systems we use and build are designed to be easily edited without directly affecting the current version. If you want to upgrade or change something on your website, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

    // steps in project development

    Your website -
    your vision to the world

    The first step is to do a detailed study of the niche market and competition. After an in-depth analysis, we sketch the overall structure of the website / e-shop, its pages, the layout of the elements and the design.

    Once the processes described above are completed, the purchase of a suitable hosting plan and selection of a domain follows. We will assist you in choosing a hosting company by applying our corporate discount. 

    Once everything is ready, the realization of the sketches begins. We create a unique design suitable for computers and laptops, as well as for phones, tablets and all kinds of devices. This is followed by the construction of the pages, the placement of the necessary photos and the adjustments of all additional requirements. The product is then optimized in terms of speed and security, an initial SEO optimization is done so as the website is visible on the Internet.

    The last step is to test the already completed and optimized website / online store. Our team of professionals, through a series of tests, makes sure that the product works properly and if there are any errors, our team eliminates them during the development process before the product is delivered to the customer.

    Our websites are:


    The layout of the items in the pages and menus is designed to be as intuitive as possible (User Friendly), and of course everything looks perfect on any device.


    The speed of loading pages plays an extremely important role in the traffic and ranking of your website in search engines.


    Our team takes care of the security and your personal data as well as those of your clients.

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