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Photo Retouching

Background removal

You don't like the view of the photo behind you? We will remove the background of the photo and put another one of your choice.

Remove person / object

Don't want your photo to include a passerby? We will realistically remove one person or object from your photo and replace it with another if desired.

Color change

Don't like the color of an object? We will easily replace it with another of your choice. 

Change color profile (RGB, CMYK, PMS)

Does the color appear gray or pale when printed? We will change its profile and the color will appear more saturated.

Composition / Collage

Need a composition or a photo collage? We will create them to your liking.

Glamour editing

Improper lipstick, smudged makeup, yellowing teeth or signs of aging in a photo? We will take care of them.

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