Fast website = more customers

Each website strives to attract more visitors, and each visitor is a potential client. If your website loads slowly, it has a negative impact and you lose customers. Would you revisit a website that takes a long time to load a page? 

Loading speed also plays a key role in search engine rankings. No matter how well-built and optimised a website is, it is mandatory for it to load quickly in order to fight for the top positions in search engines. Our service guarantees the speed of your website, thus it attracts new customers and prevents losing existing ones.

A real example of

Website optimized by us

The results of Google's speed test module - PageSpeed ​​Insights before the site is optimised.

As you can see in the photo, Google gives 29 points out of 100 possible for the speed of the site, which is not satisfactory.

After the optimization, Google evaluates the overall performance and speed of the website as 99/100.

The site is already loading super fast and search engine rankings have been significantly improved. Users can enjoy a pleasant scrolling through the website, free of unnecessary waiting and delays.

Optimization using the most modern and effective methods

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Photo optimization

Optimization with .htaccess

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