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"Zdradech LTD"

Stock Control System

The web software, developed especially for our clients from Zdradech, deals with the control of deliveries, sales, inventories, stocks, transfers, etc.

The purpose of the software is to faithfully serve the warehouseman, who actively works with it and to provide detailed information regarding the stocks, items and customers of the company.

The software has an additional module, available only to the administrator (manager), which allows you to manually change the values ​​of deliveries and items, in the event of an error by the warehouseman.

The program is installed on a computer selected by the manager, which acts as a server, and all other devices on the network can access it through their browser. External access is prohibited for security reasons.

Technologies used:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • PHP 7
  • PostgreSQL

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