Some of the questions we asked FLX

What is your company name and how would you like it to appear on a logo? 

– FLX 

What Industry are you in?

 - Fashion/ Shoes industry – We are in the Fashion industry focused on producing trendy sneakers. We will start off offering sneakers with different patterns and designs so we could attract the buyers attention. After we gain popularity and standing brand name we hope to expand to other products like basic color shoes with logo only in the coming years.

What is your unique selling point of the industry? 

- Our value is a unique selling point – affordable price but high quality. Main components of production are polyester, rubber, eva foam, cotton, synthetic leather, and leather. We would like to think of a way to recycle our shoes after the use. 

Who is you target audience? 

- We will mostly target those who would like to have a pair of trendy yet affordable sneakers. Our target would be young people at the age of 10-25 but if there is interest in the design we wouldn’t mind to target adults as well. 

What is your price point?

- Our price point would be from 40-70 € for basic and pattern shoe collection and 80-120 € for special collections. 

Do you have any style preferences?

- We have a young, cost-conscientious so we tend to think of a brighter, youthful look which would be well-suited for us. We b want a style that would easily adapt to both printing and social media. We hope to merge quirky, entertaining and humorous and campaign. 

Outside of the logo what else will you be needing? 

- We would love to see how the brand would look on the actual shoe, we will need patterns and shapes.