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Invitations: 8 tips for choosing them

The Baptism, Prom and Wedding are among the most significant and emotional events in a person's life. The preparation and fuss around them starts early to perfect every little detail such as the invitations.

Baptism is one of the brightest holidays in the life of any Christian family. The child is introduced to Christianity, symbolically purified and ready to lead a righteous life.

The prom is full of emotional moments. It is a pride for parents and teachers and a farewell to the most wonderful school years.

The wedding is not just a ceremony of exchanging rings and wedding vows. It is a celebration of selfless love, happiness, devotion to each other, a new beginning.

And because we are aware of the great euphoria surrounding the organization of the Holy Baptism, the Prom or the Wedding celebration, we at T&B Technology could be helpful and make it easier for you to choose the perfect invitations, gifts for guests, table signs and boards. On our website you will find a wide range of handmade invitations for your big day. In addition, we will give you 8 useful tips on how to choose the perfect invitations. We guarantee that each of our invitations has a unique design to make your celebration exceptional. We do not offer models of invitations for mass use.

8 important choices you need to make before creating your invitations

You are a perfectionist and you want everything to be perfect on your big day? If you prefer to take care of all the details of your celebration yourself, you can be inspired by our valuable guidelines and recommendations. And if you want to take advantage of our professional services, we will try to create the perfect design invitations, gifts for guests, table signs, accommodation list and board, tailored to your requirements. Before you get to the perfect invitation for your holiday, consider the following:

Choice of topic

The first step you need to take is to decide what style you would like the party to be. In this way you will be able to express your own individuality, taste, sense and attention to detail.

It is advisable to take the time to think about the topic so that it is tailored to the place and the restaurant. And when you are ready with the choice - retro, ethno, vintage, modern, stylish, luxury, fairy tale, travel, sea, winter or other, you can combine with it the other elements such as invitations and gifts for guests.

Of course, our recommendation is to be directly involved in the preparation and not to hire an agency to take care of everything for you. If you do, probably not every detail will be to your liking and you will be disappointed.  

Choice of colors

Second, if you've been dreaming of graduating or getting married since you were a child, you probably already have a specific idea of ​​a color scheme in your mind. The choice of colors is not insignificant and should not be neglected. The colors are directly related to the theme of the event and can vary depending on personal preferences, but it is still good to combine with the invitations to make everything thematic.

Our advice is to first focus on the theme and colors, and then consult with us to discuss the design. After approval, we will create the perfect handmade invitations to impress your guests.

Choice of size

The third step you need to take is to decide what size you would like the invitations to be. Also whether to be vertical (portrait), horizontal (landscape) or square shaped.

The standard dimensions are: 10.5 x 14.8 cm and 14.8 x 21 cm

Square: 11.5 x 11.5 cm; 12.5 x 12.5 cm or 13.5 x 13.5 cm

Other dimensions: 13.5 x 19.5 cm and 10 x 21 cm

Our recommendation here would be to choose wisely and consider whether there will be a paper envelope, a cardboard box or a glass tube for the invitations. If you are unsure which will be the best solution, you can consult us.

Choice of fonts

The font is often used incorrectly, is unreadable, is incorrectly combined or is neglected by other agencies. We will help you make your invitations look perfect, because it does matter what font you use. Both colors and fonts carry their message to the reader and attract his attention.

For example, if you want your invitation to be in a modern style, the best solution would be to use a Sans Serif font such as: Roboto, Lato, Futura, etc. And if you want your invitation to be elegant and stylish, we recommend the use of Serif or Script fonts such as: Charter, Merriweather, Lora, Marriana, Carolina, etc.

Choice of finishing details (optional)

Finishing operations/details include: rounded corners of the invitation, hot stamping (silver, gold glitter of the elements), self-adhesive beads, artificial flowers, paper elements, lace, feathers and ribbons for decoration, paper envelope, cardboard box, glass tube and many others.

Finishing operations are optional and a matter of taste. Our advice here would undoubtedly be to align the details with your budget.

Choice of dress/suit

The next important focus of any celebration (baptism, prom or wedding) is the dress/suit of the child, the graduate, the bride or the groom. Often this choice is the biggest fuss and everything revolves around it.

Our advice is if the dress/suit of your dreams is in champagne, ivory, ecru, cobalt blue, black, or contains a brighter accent such as red, yellow, green, you can match the color of the invitations with the color of the outfit.

Although we advised you to begin with the choice of theme and colors, we will not be surprised if the choice of details starts after you find the right outfit.

Choice of season

Be sure to consider the season as well. It is unlikely that an invitation with snowflakes will be suitable for a celebration in the middle of summer.

Without a doubt, our recommendation is to use the season for inspiration. Bright colors, lace and floral motifs are wonderful for a spring or summer celebration. Colder colors, pearls and clean shapes would be much better perceived at your winter party.

Choice of design according to your budget

A good recommendation would be to consider your budget when choosing invitations. Calculate what funds you want to spend, the number of guests, whether you will distribute one invitation for the whole family or prefer to have one for each, also whether you will make separate invitations for godparents, parents, and teachers.

The prices of handmade invitations vary depending on the design, model, size, type of material, finishing details and the desired number. Therefore, the more pieces you order, the greater the discount you get as the minimum order number is 10.

Here's a tip on how to save on courier expenses, for example - by handing out invitations yourself. Another tip on how to save on printing costs is to send an e-invitation online.

T&B Technology has a wide range of design invitations and print materials - classic, ethno, modern, floral, stylish, luxurious… To see some of them you can visit our Facebook and Instagram page. More on our diversity of services and projecs, you can learn in our website.