Malluable offers life coaching to successful entrepreneurs and business owners. Their name comes from the word malleable, which is how easy it is to bend and change the shape of a metal or object. They changed the spelling to be a unique custom word MALLUABLE to factor in the U as an ode to the personal tailored coaching they offer.

Malluable mostly deals with highly successful entrepreneurs and business owners who need help handling next steps in their careers. They help them narrow down their focus and realise their next steps so they do not feel overwhelmed with big life and business decisions.

We have designed a logo following the client brief. They had a preference to incorporate a metal somehow into the branding, gold specifically, as that ties into their overall concept and idea. We contrasted it with a rich dark green colour to give it a professional look. Apart from the logo design and system, we have created business cards, letterhead and a cardboard tube label.