Dry cleaning
and Laundry "Cosmos"

Information about Dry Cleaning and Laundry "Cosmos"

Dry cleaning and laundry Cosmos was established in the distant 1999. As a proven partner over time, they continue to offer the highest level of service to their customers. Their partners are some of the largest companies, hotels and industrial enterprises in the city of Ruse and the region, as well as all ships on the Danube. Driven by tradition and a desire for prosperity, they strive to improve their service with each passing year.

How did we create the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Cosmos logo?

The first step was to do a research and get acquainted with the specifics of the industry. Then we studied the competition within Bulgaria and abroad. We considered all the ideas, sketched and chose 3 concepts that we presented to the client. After the approval of the project, we moved on to the final production of the new logo, choice of colors and fonts.

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