Sushi Club promotes the authentic way of eating and preparing sushi and brings you to distant Japan. They strive to make the specific taste of authentic sushi available to American customers. They use high quality Japanese sushi knives called "yanagi". The fish they offer is freshly sourced to maintain the cooking quality.

Sushi Club are confident to supply the best fresh organic fish, as well as soy, ginger and other ingredients needed to recreate a unique taste. Their price is a bit higher than other places because they insist on quality and fresh products. They also offer home delivery. 

"Where taste meets tradition."
– Sushi Club

What does Sushi Club offer?

Sushi Club offers its customers sushi in Japanese style (Maki, Sashimi and Nigiri). They prefer the taste of the raw fish to the additional ingredients for the filling. Sushi Club does not offer volcanic sushi, which is most common on the market. They offer rice-based sushi, which is prepared with simple ingredients (no more than 3 in one sushi piece).

It is likely that some of their customers have not tried fresh fish before or have encountered Americanized sushi. They want to give them a new experience, but at the same time take care of the people who have tried their sushi and stick to quality.

Sushi Club plans to launch as a home delivery restaurant and then open up a physical space to complement the delivery service.